Jesus Wants You Well!

“Beloved, I wish above all things that you would prosper
and be in health, even as your soul prospers.” (3 John 2)
Healing is The Lord’s will for your life!  One of our main goals at FFC is to see people set free from sickness, disease, and pain.  Here are testimonies of just a few of the many healings we have seen at FFC.

Effects of Poisoning Healed

I (Rick Porterfield) met a man named Tom and his wife, Lisa, in Charlotte, NC on September 17, 2015 at the Andrew Wommack Camp Meeting. While talking to them, I learned that Tom had been accidentally poisoned on a job several years ago and had lost over 75% of the strength in the left side of his body. I asked if I could pray for him to be healed and they agreed. I took Tom’s hands to pray, and noticed that the grip in his left hand was much weaker than his right hand –weaker than that of a small child. As I was praying, I “saw” a broken line running from the base of his skull down his back and branching out to all parts of his body. I described to them what I was seeing and asked if they knew what it was. Lisa said, “The poison destroyed his central nervous system. We didn’t tell you that. How did you know?” I told them God was showing me how to pray. I prayed for a creative miracle – that his central nervous system would be restored.
The next evening (September 18th) I again saw Tom and Lisa at the meeting. I walked up put my hand in Tom’s left hand (the side of his body that had lost its strength) and said, “Squeeze my hand.” I didn’t mention this before, but Tom is a big man with big hands. He squeezed and about hurt me!! He said, “I didn’t give it all I’ve got”. Tom and Lisa went on to tell me that very shortly after I prayed for Tom, his strength began to return, and that now it was basically equal to the right side of his body. Lisa said, “He was dancing a jig last night before we went to bed.” This is something he had been completely unable to do before. This testimony demonstrates the goodness and power of god. Nothing is beyond Him!

Heart Healed. The testimony of Sheila S.

I have had issues with an abnormal heart beat for over 20 years. The first couple of years that I had trouble, my heart would beat really fast (a condition called Tachycardia) Then it started skipping beats. I was not on any medication and I could always feel it when it happened. It would happen at least once a day if not more. In late July 2015, Pastor Rick asked for people who had experienced heart problems to come forward for prayer. I went forward and he prayed for me. I didn’t feel any different that night, but I realized a few days later that my heart had not skipped at ALL! God healed my heart. Since my healing it has tried to come back on me once. I spoke out loud and said, “NO that skipping is NOT going to come back on me; satan you will not put that back on me! I am healed in the name of Jesus. Heart, beat the way God created you to beat. By Jesus stripes I am healed. My heart beats normal now!” My heart is healed. PRAISE GOD!!
Healed of the Final Stages of Cancer: The Testimony of Judy D.
In 2008, I was diagnosed with throat cancer. The cancer progressed to the final and worst stage there is. He told me that it had spread to lymph nodes and lymphatic system, which is VERY bad. The doctor told me that my cancer had spread to the extent that it was beyond medical treatment and that I should go home and “crawl up in the arms of Jesus, because you are going to die.” But the Lord had given me peace about the situation and I was standing in faith believing that I was healed. I had been prayed for at Faith Family Church and taught how to receive healing there, and I was doing what I’d learned.
Then, during the last week of September 2009, my doctor ran some tests to check the spread of the cancer. He didn’t like the results so he ran some more tests. I knew something was up. Finally, he called me and my husband in and told us that the cancer was gone! He said he was shocked. He told me that people who have the type of cancer that I had don’t get better, they die. He was amazed that all signs of the cancer were gone. He didn’t understand how it could be. I explained to him that the Lord had healed me! The doctor expected me to die, but the Lord completely healed me.
The doctor also told me that the cancer would no doubt be back within two years. I am glad to report that he was wrong. It is now 2014, and I’m still cancer free.
Finally, I lost my voice due to the throat cancer and could only talk in a very faint whisper. The Lord also healed my voice and I can now speak normally.
(Judy later testified that she had been to a lot of churches, but the only church that ever taught her how to receive healing was Faith Family church.)
May 2014 update. On May 6, 2014, Judy went back to her doctor for a checkup (the same doctor who told her she was going to die). He examined her, and examined her, and examined her. Finally he sat back and said, “There isn’t even a scar left where the cancer was.” The doctor was amazed and acknowledged that medical science didn’t do this. Judy is completely restored.

Severe Heart Disease Healed

Cynthia heard about the healings happening at Faith Family Church. She needed a heart transplant; her heart was very enlarged and was pumping only a fraction of what it was supposed to. She had a lot of fluid around her heart, she had lost a lot of weight, and was doing very badly.
A friend of Cynthia’s asked me to call her. I called and talked to her about healing and prayed for her on the phone. This was around early September of 2010. I told her to listen to a healing series I had done and posted on the church website; I told her she should listen to it over and over, because faith comes by hearing and hearing (Rom 10:17). She did listen to it over and over.
Cynthia heard about the healings happening at Faith Family Church. She needed a heart transplant; her heart was very enlarged and was pumping only a fraction of what it was supposed to. She had a lot of fluid around her heart, she had lost a lot of weight, and was doing very badly.
A friend of Cynthia’s asked me to call her. I called and talked to her about healing and prayed for her on the phone. This was around early September of 2010. I told her to listen to a healing series I had done and posted on the church website; I told her she should listen to it over and over, because faith comes by hearing and hearing (Rom 10:17). She did listen to it over and over.
Then she came to church on a Wednesday night; she looked frail. She was week, her breathing was labored, and she had to walk very slowly. She said she’d had no appetite for quite a while. We (Rick & Rebekah Porterfield) laid hands on her and prayed for her; on the way out of church, Cynthia remarked that she was feeling hungry.
A few days later Cynthia went to the renowned Cleveland Clinic (she had been previously scheduled to go); they looked at her records, examined her, and told her they could do nothing for her. She was not a good candidate for heart transplant (even though that’s what she needed) because she was too frail. However, she told them she was feeling good and that her strength was coming back (Healing virtue was at work in her body!). They told her that she obviously felt worse than she was acting.
They sent her home and said they couldn’t help her and she was placed on hospice. A couple of weeks later, Cynthia visited us on a Wednesday night again. The difference was amazing; her color was good, she was strong, and breathing easily. She said she had walked two miles that day for exercise! She came to declare and show us that the Lord had healed her; this was around early October. I called Cynthia on November 10. She said she had been to her doctor for a follow up exam and her doctor was amazed. Her doctor said she no longer needs a transplant – Glory to God! The doctor confirmed her healing.
A month or so later, we heard from her again. Her doctor did some more tests and was so amazed at the results that the doctor called Cynthia from home to tell her how much more her heart had improved; the doctor admitted it was a miracle. Medical science gave up on Cynthia but God healed her and gave life. Praise God!

Arm and Shoulder Healed

A friend of ours injured her shoulder on a Monday. By Tuesday morning, her whole arm was sore and swelling and by Tuesday evening the pain was so bad she could hardly use her arm at all. On Wednesday we saw her and the pain and swelling were worse. Rebekah (Porterfield) laid hands on her and prayed for healing. She began to get better immediately and within a couple of hours, her arm was normal with no pain and no swelling.

Back Pain Relieved

We had a painter working at the church during some renovations. The Lord told me(Rick Porterfield) to witness to him about the many healings experienced at church. I hesitated; not wanting to interrupt him, then finally did it. I told him a few testimonies and he said, “I knew it! I knew something was going on here.” He went on to tell me that for many years he has suffered with severe back pain and has had to take pain medication twice a day for his back just to be able to work. He takes the medication in the morning and again after lunch. There have been times, even with the medication, that the pain would be so bad that he would go a week or more without being able to work. He said that since he had been working in our building, he had not had to take the medicine after lunch. The pain just didn’t return while he was in the building working. When he would go home in the evening, by the next morning, the pain had returned and he needed the medicine again. But once he arrived at the church, the pain was gone for the day. He said nothing like this had ever happened before.

Healed of Double Pneumonia

A lady called the church for prayer on a Monday evening. Her husband was in ICU at the hospital with double pneumonia. The doctors said that a blood clot in his calf had dislodged and went to his lungs, which greatly complicated the situation. His vital signs were very bad and he was very week. He was getting worse, not better, and he was not responding to treatments. The doctors told her to prepare herself because they did not believe he would live more than another day or two. They had already put him on a feeding tube and on life support. While on the phone with her, I (Rick Porterfield) prayed that the pneumonia would be healed and the blood clot dissolved. I encouraged her to believe God. That was Monday evening and on Tuesday morning she called and said his vital signs had all stabilized, and were showing improvement. I told her to give thanks and praise God because God’s healing power was working in her husband. On Wednesday morning she called and said he was fine – no pneumonia and no blood clot. The doctors told her that he would recover completely. Her husband was demanding that the doctors remove all the tubes that were in him. Praise God!

Back and Toe Healed

On Sunday, December 18, 2011, I (Rick Porterfield) had a word at end of service that someone was suffering back pain and God and they needed to come forward for prayer. Mark came forward. His back was hurting so badly that he had to walk funny and could not bend forward, backward or to either side. Mark has had back pain for years.
I laid hands on him and prayed for his healing. In just a matter of minutes, the pain was completely gone and he showed me how he could now bend and stretch his back in any direction. A couple of weeks later, on Sunday, January 1, 2012, Mark told me that he had taken 800mg of Motrin daily for years for back pain, but he has not needed it since the day we prayed.
Just a couple of days after we prayed for Mark’s back, he hit his little toe in his home. It was very bad with intense pain; his toe had burst open and was bleeding badly, and the top of his toe was ripped all around the toenail. During the course of the week, his toe bled, hurt immensely and where his toe was torn around the toenail would not reattach. This went on all week — he had trouble walking and his toe bled constantly. On Sunday, December 25, 2011, we prayed at church for his toe. After church, Mark had to get something out of his car for someone, he ran across the parking lot to his car, and as he was running, he realized that the pain was completely gone. By the next morning, the torn area all around the toenail was healed.

Severe Burn Healed: Testimony of Joyce R.

I was taking a pot roast out of the oven and accidentally spilled boiling grease and water on my hand (I was cooking the roast on high!). It hurt so bad I almost couldn’t stand it. My hand was red, swollen, and the skin was starting to blister and peel back. My sister got Brother Rick of Faith Family Church to call me. While we were on the phone, he prayed for my hand. A little while later (less than an hour) I was sitting in a chair. I had been holding my hand up above my head, because when it was elevated, the pain was less. My shoulder was tired, so I lowered my hand down beside the chair just for a minute. Suddenly it felt like something swept over my hand. I jerked my hand up to look and it was completely normal. All traces of pain, redness, swelling and blistering were gone.

Back Healed

One Sunday, Judy sent word to church by her sister that she wanted us to pray for her because she had hurt her back very badly. We prayed for her at the end of service. I stood on scriptures where Jesus sent word and healed Centurion’s servant (Matthew 8:5-13) and on “He sent His word and healed them” (Psalm 107:20). I called her a couple of days later to tell her we had prayed and asked how she was. She said, “You aren’t going to believe this! I was jumping for joy Sunday afternoon and cooked supper. “ She said she had been having to use a cane to get around and could hardly get from the bed to her chair. She said that around 1:00 pm Sunday afternoon, she went to get out of her chair and realized her back was completely better. This was just about one hour after we prayed for her at church.
Bleeding Behind Eyes Healed: Testimony of Jerry
I had bleeding behind my eyes that was destroying my eyesight. Brother Rick of Faith Family Church prayed for me and the bleeding stopped. My doctor confirmed this. Well over a year has passed, and the bleeding has not returned. Praise God!
Healed of Blood Disorder and Astigmatism: The Testimony of Cynthia
On July 31 I went to the Doctor for my yearly physical. Ever since I was in my late 20’s I have struggled with low hemoglobin. Last year my hemoglobin was 9, which is well below normal (normal is 12 – 16). I would have tormenting thoughts about my health deteriorating. OI had been learning how to believe and receive from God at Faith Family Church, and when I would have these tormenting thoughts I would just pray and thank God for healing in my body. Well, during the physical, when the nurse checked my hemoglobin she exclaimed, “WOW! ! !” I said, “What is it?” She said, “Your hemoglobin is 16.” I have not had a hemoglobin of 16 since I was in my early 20’s.
After the physical, I went to my eye Doctor the same day. I had just bought new glasses eight months before, but I had begun noticing that my eyesight was no longer clear when I wore the glasses. I thought my eyes were getting worse, and that I would need a new, stronger prescription. This was not the case at all. When the doctor checked my eyes he said, “You do not have astigmatism anymore.” He leaned back and scratched his head with surprise trying to figure out how this could be. “All you need are some reading glasses.” I have been wearing glasses for astigmatism since 1992. Not anymore. He suggested that I get some over the counter readers. I’m healed and no matter what lies the devil has tries to throw my way, God has already delivered me from them all. AMEN!!!

Pain Free for the First time in Years

A lady came forward for prayer one Sunday. She was in constant pain due to several surgeries. After receiving prayer, she testified that the pain was gone! Pain is not a problem for Jesus.

Healed of Shingles

One Sunday in July 2014, a lady who was regularly in attendance missed the Sunday moring service. Pastor Rick called to check on her that afternoon and learned that she had shingles (a painful, itching rash). He prayed for her on the phone. The shingles cleared up almost immediately, and she has had no problems since.

Healed of Pain

I’M HEALED! I had a serious pain in my side for days. I was staying in bed as much as possible; that’s how bad it was. When I did venture out I took pain killers to help. I’d pray against it and it would subside and then return. I remember having this happen periodically since I was a little girl. Multiple family members say they have it and its hereditary. Well as I sat in church this morning, I was in so much pain I was contemplating leaving and going home. But I am not defeated. Jesus died and already resolved the issues of hereditary diseases. I laid hands on my side and spoke quietly but with determination to that pain and to the root of the problem. The pain was gone within the hour and my healing has manifested! Hallelujah! So thankful for God and his merciful love.

Multiple Testimonies Received in One Day

The following testimonies were all received on January 13, 2013, just days after we ministered a message at church on “Expecting the Supernatural.” Well, supernatural things happened. One lady was healed of back pain. Another was healed of sore throat. Another person reported they “felt better all over” physically, mentally, emotionally, etc. One man, whose family needed some extra money, did a two hour side job that he would normally be paid $160 for, but it was a rush job and he received $360 for it! Another man, who is a business owner experienced complete turnaround in his company. His business went from not having enough cash on hand to pay employees and no work for the employees to do, to supernaturally receiving an abundance of cash into the business and so much work that he didn’t have enough manpower to do it all – all in a matter of just a few days! Jesus wants us to live beyond our natural limitations; He wants us to live supernatural lives!

Arm Healed.

A friend of ours hurt her shoulder on a Monday. By Tuesday morning her entire arm was very sore and swelling. By Tuesday evening the pain and swelling were so bad that she was unable to use her arm at all. On Wednesday we saw her and the pain and swelling were even worse! Rebekah laid hands on her and prayed for healing. Within a couple of hours her arm was normal with no pain and no swelling. God is good!

Hear and Be Healed

The Gospels say that people came to Jesus to hear and be healed (Luke 5:15, Luke 6:17). Just hearing the Word ministered can bring healing. Two people were miraculously healed while simply listening to the Word being ministered at Faith Family Church on October 25.
A man had suffered from tinnitus (ringing in the ears) for several years. He also had injured his neck and had pain from the base of his skull, running the length of his neck and into his shoulder area. After service, he stood up, and realized the pain in his neck was completely gone. Then, as he was driving home, he realized that there was no longer any ringing in his ears! Both of these issues were healed!
That very same night, a lady came to church who was suffering from a sore throat, stuffiness, and head cold. After service, while driving home she realized that all of the symptoms were totally gone. There is power in just hearing the word of God

Healed of Stroke, “Incurable” Lung Disease, and Multiple Other Conditions

Ellen was on oxygen for an incurable lung disease, plus she had several other physical issues including high blood pressure, diabetes, and was bent forward somewhat due to pain. She had just started coming to Faith Family Church and one Sunday morning, the sermon was on healing. The message really spoke to her heart, and after service, she came forward for prayer. We laid hands on her for healing. She immediately straightened up, pulled the oxygen tubes out, and left church that day healed! A few months later, her doctor told her that she no longer had the “incurable” lung disease. All of her physical issues, including high blood pressure and diabetes had disappeared.
This same lady had a stroke about a year later. We visited her in the afternoon at the hospital. She couldn’t speak and her physical coordination was gone, but we are never too far gone for the power of God to work in our lives! We prayed for her. The next morning when the doctor and physical therapist came in to her room, she greeted them with “Good morning. How are you!” We were told that the doctor and physical therapist both took a shocked step back and said, “What happened to you?” She is 100% recovered from the stroke, and at last report, is off all medications.