One of our main goals is to build strong marriages and families.  Pastors Rick and Rebekah have been active in marriage ministry since 1994 and have helped hundreds of couples reconcile, restore, and find renewed and lasting happiness in their marriages.
We know first hand that Jesus can help. In 1992, our marriage was a train wreck and we had decided to get a divorce.  We went to a PHD Psychologist for help.  She said we were the only hopeless couple she had ever worked with and that we needed to get a divorce. A mistake in our check book kept us from separating, In the meantime, The Lord went to work in our relationship.  He taught us seven Biblical keys to reconciling marriages.  It wasn’t easy. It took effort. But it worked, and now, all these years later, it still works.  We have taught many others the same keys, and it works for them too. It will work for you too!  A brief version of our testimony is published on Andrew Wommack’s website – you can click here and read that.
Help for you can be found at Faith Family Church.  We offer marriage counseling to members and regular attenders of Faith Family Church.  Click here for guidelines on that. Many of the messages we minister include marriage advice and are relevant to building better relationships; many people have testified of having stronger relationships simply by being a part of Faith Family Church.  For some free marriage resources click here.  Our book, Marriage By The Book, is available on Amazon Kindle – just click here. Finally, we have an online store where MP3 downloads, CDs, and other resources can be purchased – please click here for that.
If nothing else has worked, I sincerely recommend you give Jesus a chance. 
I know what I’m doing. I have it all planned out—plans to take care of you, not abandon you, plans to give you the future you hope for. (Jer 29:11 MSG)