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Marriage Saved – Rick and Rebekah Porterfield

Twenty three years ago, Rick and Rebekah Porterfield (the pastors of Faith Family Church) were getting a divorce. After just two years of marriage, everything was a wreck. They were seeing a PhD Psychologist for marriage counseling. Their marriage was so bad that she told them they were the only hopeless couple she had ever seen, and she recommended they get a divorce. But God turned their relationship completely around and since 1994 they have helped many, many couples to receive complete restoration in their relationships. God’s Word works. Their story was chronicled on Andrew Wommack Ministries website. Click here to read it!

Marriage Restored

My name is Christina and my husband is Mark. We married in 2001, and, looking back, I can honestly say that we didn’t have a clue what marriage was about. I didn’t know what real love was and Mark didn’t understand commitment. We had very different opinions about what marriage should be. We barely survived the next seven years. I cannot tell you how many dishes were broken, walls busted, tires peeled, and hearts crushed. Mark once told me that he hated walking through the door of his home, that it should be a sanctuary not World War III. I felt the same. We fought all the time. The bible says in James 3:16 that where envying and strife is, there is confusion and every evil work, This was exactly our situation – we were sick, our kids were sick, and our bank accounts were sick. We moved seven times in three years! It was BAD! I called a divorce lawyer out of desperation thinking that was the only answer. We began to plan how we would separate, where we would live and handle to the kids… BUT then – God intervened! Thank you God!
We met Rick and Rebekah Porterfield at Faith Family Church in December of 2008. Mark and I found out they were marriage counselors. We were very guarded against any outside help, but one afternoon, after a big fight, I called Rick. He said that if we could meet that day he and Rebekah wanted to counsel us. I was ready; I thought we would have to talk about all the awful things Mark and I had done to each other, but that’s not what happened. During that first session, our eyes were opened and we came away with something that we had never had –HOPE! Hope that there was a future where we were still married and thriving – not just barely making it. I specifically remember that ride home after our very FIRST session. I looked at my husband and he looked at me, and, then and there, we decided divorce was no longer an option. We committed to doing marriage God’s way. Today, several years later, we are experiencing some of the best days we’ve ever had in our entire lives. Our marriage, our lives, and our children’s lives have been so changed. And we know that our best days are still ahead.
Mark and Christina B.