Testimonies of Provision & Prosperity


Received Huge Raise in “Impossible” Situation

I recently moved back to the area and was blessed with a job that I absolutely love, but the pay wasn’t meeting my needs.  I began to pray and believe God for a miracle. Through listening to Pastor Rick & Rebekah’s teaching, my faith began to grow.  I stood firm believing I would get a raise.  I was told by my coworkers that a raise would not happen and that it would be a miracle if I got  a raise of even 10 cents a year!  Only about a week later, my boss came to me and said my raise was approved and it was 15 times more than I was expecting!!  I knew this had to be God, and I fully believe that He has good things for us now – in this life!            – Jill F.

Received 50% Pay Raise Before Starting Job

I’m a licensed cosmetologist and a single parent.  I had been out of work for a year.  To increase my job possibilities, I decided to study and take the test to become a cosmetology instructor.  I passed the test and was offered an instructor’s position at a school of cosmetology.  The offer was for a lot less money than what I needed to earn.  I accepted the job, because I needed the work, but I really needed about 50% more money than was offered. I decided to believe God for the rest of the money that I needed.  The night before I started work, the lady in charge of payroll called and told me that the owner had decided that I ought to be paid more than what they had offered.  She told me they had decided to increase my salary by 50%!  I have never in my life heard of anyone getting a raise BEFORE even starting work!  I praise God and thank him for being faithful and true to his Word                                                          _ Rachel P.

Unexpected Increase

My family needed some extra money.  Our Pastor (Rick Porterfield) taught a message about expecting the supernatural.  The message impacted me and I decided to expect God to show up in my situation.  I do welding work on the side, and the day after hearing this message and deciding to expect God to move, a man unexpectedly asked me to weld 2 buckets of bolts for him.  My normal price to weld a bucket of bolts is $80 per bucket ($160 for the two buckets).  However, he needed the bolts as soon as possible and offered me offered $180 per bucket ($360 total) to do it.  God really showed up in my situation.                             – Josh G.