Faith Family Church is a non-denominational church located in North Augusta, SC. We teach the balance of grace and faith, and we have a passion for worship and God’s Word. We exist to love God, love people, and change our world for the better. We demonstrate these things in many different ways at Faith Family Church.
One way we demonstrate our love for God is through praise and worship. Praise is simply expressing gratitude to God for what He has done, and worship is expressing our gratitude to God for who He is.  We believe our praise and worship is an extension of who we are, so we express our gratitude to God through contemporary music that represents us. 
We express our love for people in many ways. Serving them and revealing God’s love to them are two of those ways. Also, as we teach the Word, our goal is to help people grow in relationship with God and with others. We offer an enjoyable and comfortable atmosphere in which to experience God.
We change our world by reaching out to our friends, our families, and our neighbors. Being a Christian is the greatest thing that’s happened to us.  Having a relationship with God is the best decision that we’ve made. As we live our lives in Him, others are drawn to this awesome God who lives in us. His love, in us, changes them and the world.